COTTONTEK Fabric Advantages

Compared with 100% cotton fabrics, COTTONTEK fabrics have the following advantages:-

Cotton hand feel.
Same hand feel as cotton, affectionate to the skin;

Wrinkle free.
Cotton fabrics are easy to wrinkle and the wearer has to iron it before wearing it a second time. Though with the same hand feel as cotton, COTTONTEK fabrics do not need  to be ironed frequently;

Better shrinkage than cotton.
While the shrinkage of cotton fabric is normally around 5%, COTTONTEK fabrics can keep a shrinkage of less than 2%;

Better anti-pilling.
COTTONTEK can achieve of an anti-pilling value of Grade 4 or better;

Stronger than cotton.
The reason that cotton fabrics are not used in sportswear is it is not strong enough. With better strength, COTTONTEK fabrics are suitable for sportswear.

Soft but wicking.
Though cotton fabric absorbs moisture, but  is not wicking and quick dry. COTTONTEK fabrics are wicking and  quick dry.

Low-carbon green.
Carrier-free dyeing with disperse dyes under normal pressure is used to dye COTTONTEK fabrics. With dye-uptake of 90% and with color fastness of Grade 4, less pollution and better energy saving will be achieved with COTTONTEK fabrics.