COTTONTEK is a new technology to make polyester fabrics feel like cotton but keep the advantages of polyester. BTEXCO produces fabrics and flatlock underwear with COTTONTEK technology.



COTTONTEK polyester fabric advantages:

  1. Supersoft, feel exactly like or better than cotton;
  2. Wicking and quick dry. Cotton fabrics do absorb moisture, but it is difficult to get dry;
  3. Stronger than cotton, suitable for sports activities. Cotton does not provide enough strength and can not be used for sports activities;
  4. Easily printable. Heat transfer print can be applied on COTTONTEK fabrics while heat transfer print can not be used on cotton fabrics.
  5. Wrinkle free. Cotton fabrics are likely to wrinkle white COTTONTEK fabrics are wrinkle free.
  6. Ironing is not needed after wearing.
  7. Better shrinkage. Shrinkage of COTTONTEK fabrics can be reduced to below 2%.




Since Beta Textiles Co., Limited operates its own flatlock sewing mill – Zhangjiagang Beta Clothing Co., Limited, garment brand owners and importers can just provide their technical specifications and/or logos and nominate fabric structures for Beta Textiles Co.,Limited to provide full garment production and exportation solutions.